About Jared

Jared Mendelewicz is the Chief Operating Officer of AKT Enterprises, an Orlando, FL based marketing and merchandising powerhouse.

With an affinity for efficiency and organization coupled with a rock-solid web development background, Jared is able to harness the power of the 50+ employee, cutting edge media enterprise to consistently propel AKT to the next level.

As a seasoned project coordinator, web developer and all-around entrepreneur, Jared oversees all graphic and web development projects for both customers and internal AKT operations.

AKT’s web presence is the driving force behind its sales, relying solely on the company’s ability to adapt in an ever-changing digital marketplace. Jared continually strives to push both employees and company technology to not only meet industry standards, but to exceed them.

While the enterprise’s success continues to grow exponentially, Jared looks to find new industries and markets into which to expand. After only a few short years with the company, Jared has helped AKT Enterprises gain recognition as one of the fastest-growing, most innovative companies in the entertainment industry.

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