iPhone and iPod Touch Corrupt Camera Roll File Fix

Twice- recently, I’ve experienced an issue with my iPhone’s camera roll/photo albums.  I would take a photo and iPhone would act as if it were saving it, but, when I would attempt to view my Camera Roll, it would show only one blank white square thumbnail.  Whenever I’d try to open the photo, the photo application would completely quit/fail.

After reading around online, I ended up attempting a restore, which lost a bunch of data the first time around.  It did fix the problem, so I didn’t really care that much.  The other day the same problem happened- so I pushed off restoring because I didn’t want to deal with it, let alone lose any data.

I had recently purchased software called MegaPhone for iPhone and iPod Touch which helps you retrieve photos and other content from an otherwise inaccessible iPhone or iPod touch.  Using this software, I was able to view all data files on my iPhone and navigate to the /DCIM folder and deleted all three folders within the directory.  This immediately fixed the poroblem and I was able to re-sync my old photos.

As you can see in my previous post, the software is relatively inexpensive and has saved my ass more than $20 worth since I purchased it.

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  1. tochi says:

    That was the most accurate repair in a while thanks

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